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Points are awarded to R&CRC members who have entered classes at the Point Shows and Dressage.  Points are accumulated towards the end of season Championship Trophies which are awarded at the Annual Presentation Dance.  Special awards are also presented to Supreme Champions, All RoundersMost Improved riders in the Dressage and Show Jumping and for an Outstanding Achievement.

Please note:-

  • Points are only awarded after membership subscription has been received.
  • Points are awarded to the same rider and horse/pony combination.
  • When making entries please ensure the same horse/pony name is used otherwise this may lead to loss of points.
  • Attendance points are awarded to members who enter classes at the July Gala Dressage and Point Show.
  • Members must have gained 10 or more points and attended 3 shows for end of season trophies to be awarded.
  • Trophies and rosettes are awarded to fourth place at the Annual Presentation Dance.

Points are awarded as follows:-

First:        6 + 2 = 8 points         Click here to keep your own record of points
Second:   5 + 2 = 7 points          
Third:      4 + 2 = 6 points                   
Fourth:    3 + 2 = 5 points         All other competitors = 2 points

July Gala Dressage and Point Show = 3 attendance points for every level/class entered

Click here to download 2016 Show & Dressage Presentation Dance Awards

Click here to download 2016 Supreme & All Rounder Presentation Dance Awards

<<Click here to download 2016 Show Points>>

<<Click here to download 2016 Dressage Points>>

Please note it may take at least 2 weeks for points to be available after each Dressage and Show weekend.

Previous years results:-

2016 Show & Dressage Champions
2016 Supreme & All Rounder Champions

2015 Show & Dressage Champions

2015 Supreme & All Rounder Champions

2014 Show & Dressage Champions
2014 Supreme & All Rounder Champions

2013 Show & Dressage Champions
2013 Supreme & All Rounder Champions

2012 Show & Dressage Champions
2012 Supreme & All Rounder Champions

2011 Show & Dressage Champions
2011 Supreme & All Rounder Champions