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Rochdale & District Riding Club is affiliated to the British Riding Clubs (BRC) and a member of the Northern Liaison Group (NLG) Area 3.  Area qualifiers for the British Riding Club Championships are held throughout the year and interested members should please familiarise themselves with guidelines below and click on the relevant competition for further details.

All members are eligible and this is a good opportunity to compete at a higher level competition.  The area qualifiers occur throughtout the year and it is important to contact the Team Managers at least a month before the qualifier so that team and individual entries can be made.

The team competitions are a great way of meeting new friends within our riding club and also team members from the other 23 clubs that are members of the NLG Area 3.  Whilst the emphasis is on supporting your team mates and having fun the competitions also create great opportunities for weekends away and the chance to compete at some fantastic venues around the country.

It is primarily the responsibility of any interested members who wish to be considered for team selection to put their name forward and contact the Team Managers or teams will NOT be entered.

All competitions are team and individual and are open to both Juniors and Seniors.

Guidelines are as follows:-

  • In order to represent the Club all animals must a have valid up-to-date Passport and Vaccination Record which will be required for inspection at the Area Qualifiers and Championships.  Please note animals may compete providing they have had the first two primary injections and no injection should be given on any of the 6 days before a competition; e.g. if an animal is vaccinated on a Monday it will not be eligible to compete until the following Monday.
  • Membership subscriptions must be received four weeks before the date of the qualifier which allows sufficient time for members details to be forwarded to the BRC.
  • Members are to pay the Area Qualifier entry fees and should you qualify for any of the BRC National Championships all entry fees, travelling and stabling costs are also to be paid by the member. Team members must be able to arrange their own transport.
  • All riders must be correctly and smartly dressed and wear protective headwear with the harness correctly adjusted and fastened.  Protective headwear constitutes a hat that meets the standards as detailed in the Riding Club Rules and must show a visible BRC/PC/BE hat tag.  Hat tagging will be available at all qualifiers and championships.
  • All animals must be well turned out.
  • Please see BRC HANDBOOK for the rules and guidelines including the following:-
  • - Animal Vaccination Record - check your animals vaccination record HERE
  • - Competition rules
  • - Eligilibity of ponies, horses and rider
  • - Dress guidelines and tack rules
  • - and much more
  • Members competing at the Area Qualifiers must be available to compete at the relevant Championships should the Club qualify.  Even if you are not a member of the qualifying team you may be required as a reserve.
  • All qualifying teams will be required to provide a volunteer to steward at the Championships or the team will not be entered.
  • Should any team competition coincide with a Riding Club competition points will be awarded on an average basis to those members representing the Club who would normally compete at the Riding Club.

Cross Country Competitions:-

  • Body protectors are mandatory for cross country competitions and must have either a BETA Level 3 2009 or after PURPLE label OR a BLUE 2018 label.  If a rider chooses to wear an air jacket this must be worn over a permitted body protector.
  • It is strongly recommended that a properly completed medical armband is worn on the arm.

2023 NLG Area 3 Qualifiers:-
Click on the events below to show more details, classes available, entry fees etc (please note some of this information may be subject to change)

Winter Show Jumping - Saturday 4th February

Combined Challenge - Saturday 4th March

Winter Intermediate Dressage - Saturday 18th March

Combined Training - Good Friday 7th April

Show Jumping & Style Jumping - Saturday 10th June

Horse Trials - Saturday 13th May

Dressage & Riding Test - Saturday 29th July

Dressage to Music - Bank Holiday Monday 28th August

Winter Novice Dressage - Saturday 21st October

Introductory Dressage - Saturday 21st October

Arena Eventing - Saturday TBC


<<Click here to download printable version of team information>>