Club Rules

Club Rules – It is a condition of entry that all competitors – and/or their parents/guardians – and spectators have read, understood and agree to abide by the governing Rules and Regulations as published and displayed at all events.

1. The committee are not responsible for any accidents to riders, spectators, animals, vehicles or properties of any description, damage or loss sustained by any person whilst on the Showground.

2. Competitors and spectators must obey the instructions of the Club Officials at all times whilst on the Showground and abide by the Club rules and all Venue rules.

3. All riders must wear protective headwear with the harness correctly adjusted and fastened.  Protective headwear constitutes a hat that meets the following standards:-

– PAS 015: 2011 provided they are BSI Kitemarked or Inspec IC marked
– VG1 01.040: 2014-12 provided they are BSI Kitemarked or Inspec IC marked
– ASTM F1163: 2004a or 04a onwards provided they are SEI marked
– SNELL E2016 or 2021 onwards
– AS/NZS 3838: 2006 onwards provided they are SAI Global marked

*Please note from 1 January 2023 the PAS 015: 1998 and SNELL 2001 will no longer be accepted.

4. A responsible adult must accompany all children on the Showground.

5. Any member or competitor who commits any of the following offences may be barred from further competitions, with loss of entry fees, until he or she has appeared before the Executive Committee:-

– Is in any way cruel to a horse/pony e.g. excessive use of whip.
– Wilfully damages property of the Club or fixtures used by the Club.
– Who deliberately deceives the Club.
– By whose conduct the good name of the Club may be brought into disrepute.

6. Competitors are liable for all veterinary, farrier and any other expenses if required whilst on the Showground.

7. The committee reserves the right to exclude any animal they consider being a danger to spectators and other competitors. Known kickers should wear a red tail ribbon.

8. Handlers in the in hand classes must be members in order for points to be awarded.

9. No jewellery should be worn by competitors. Any item of jewellery or alternative medical treatment wristbands, if they cannot be removed, should be covered up by clothing or gloves and will be worn at the riders’ own risk.  It is advised that hair should be neatly secured and should not hang lower than the shoulder line when standing normally.

10. The committee reserves the right to exclude from classes any animal in poor physical condition.

11. No animal under the age of 4 years old may be ridden on the Showground.

12. Stallions and colts are allowed on the Showground but must be shown bitted and competently handled/ridden by a competitor 14 years and over. If they misbehave they may be asked to leave.

13. Competitors for the Show Jumping class in progress will only be allowed in the Collecting Ring and the practice jump must not be higher than the class in progress.

14. Objections must be made in writing to the Secretary within 30 minutes of the class finishing and any other objections within a reasonable time and must be accompanied by £10.00. If the objection is accepted the £10.00 will be refunded.

15. No rider or handler may carry, use or permit to use, a whip or crop exceeding 75cm (30”) in length, or 110cm (48”) for dressage, nor one that is weighted at the end. No substitute for a whip may be carried in any competition.  The BS whip rule must be adhered to for show jumping classes.  Length between 45cms and 75cms and must not be weighted or with a hard point at the end.  The end of the whip must be padded.  Pad must be smooth with no protrusion or raised surface (which includes embroidery) and be made of shock absorbing material throughout its circumference.

16. The onus is on the competitor to be available for classes when called, failure to do so may result in elimination. It is the responsibility of the competitor to avoid entering classes that may clash and to inform the Ring Steward if they are going to be late for any class.

17. The Judge’s decision is final and please remember that judges are guests of the Club and should be treated as such.

18. A competitor may be eliminated who receives “outside assistance” – this will be at the Judge’s decision.

19. A competitor entering a ring wearing a wrong number may be eliminated.

20. When entries are made please ensure that the same name of horse/pony is used all season. Failure to do so may result in loss of points.

21. Entry fees will not be refunded without a valid reason.

22. Cheques are accepted but if bank charges are incurred by the Club they will be reimbursed from the payer.

23. R&DRC reserve the right to change the schedule, refuse entries to oversubscribed classes and in the case of insufficient entries classes may be combined or cancelled.

24. Members must have been placed once 1st to 4th and attended three shows/dressage for end of season trophies to be awarded.